Thursday, March 8, 2018

Willingly Ignorant

1 Corinthians 10:1-11  "Moreover, brethren, I would not that ye should be ignorant…"

Ignorant means lacking knowledge, so Paul didn't just insult the church here. Paul doesn't want the Corinthians to be lacking knowledge in important truths. Despite characterizations to the contrary,  Christianity is the thinking religion. Mystics tell you to stop thinking, to empty your mind and get peace.  That's not Christianity. God never tells you to empty your mind. Other religions have a list of rules and you blindly follow them. That isn't Christianity either. Some religions don't want you to think too hard about why you do what you are supposed to do. If there is contradiction, just ignore it and do as your told. Humanism says it wants you to think, but think poorly.

God has called us to think about Him. We are to know and be aware of God's law, but also to know the purpose of the law. Faith is not blind faith, but faith is knowing what God wants us to do and trust in him as we do it. God has called us to meditate, or deeply consider divine truth and fill our heads, not empty them. Fill your mind with truth and roll it around and think deeply about God's Word. Don't question God, but if you have questions, examine them in light of the truth.

Christianity is the reading religion because our God has written a book. God expects you to read. You don't have to read fast, and you don't have to read a lot, but what a treasure you have, a book from God! It's Satan that wants people ignorant of the truth. In times past, he tried to prevent people from having Bibles. Many people have been put to death through the ages for owning a part of God's word. Many have died translating God's word into other languages. But the Word of God will not be bound. God's people are reading people and it is Christianity that seeks to promote knowledge and understanding.

Christianity is the Truth Religion. The truth looses nothing in examination. You can be hardhearted and want to be unbelieving, but if a person truly has questions, and truly desires to understand, the truth looses nothing if you examine it. If you examine a lie, then eventually you'll see the contradictions. But the truth is consistent.

Don't be ignorant of the truth. In our day, we have Bibles everywhere. You can read the Bible on your phone. You can read it on the computer. If you don't have one, you can go just about anywhere and someone would give you a Bible. You can get online and listen to a professional voice actor read the Bible to you. Instead of a famine of the Bible, we have a people willingly starving themselves of it, filling our minds with junk instead of the Word we so desperately need. It's sad to be ignorant of the truth, it's sinful to be willingly ignorant.

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