Saturday, January 6, 2018

Snobbery, Cowardice, and Shame

I read two items this week that have stuck with me. The first, is a long read, but well worth the time and consideration on snobbery and cowardice.

The second is along the same lines, on being ashamed of Christ.

"Shame is that which proud nature most disdains, to avoid which many durst not 'confess Christ openly,’ John 7: 13.   Many lose heaven because they are ashamed to go in a fool's coat thither.   Again, as some will mock, so others will persecute to death, merely for this nonconformity in the Christian's principles and practices to them.   This was the trap laid for the three children; they must dance before Nebuchadnezzar's pipe, or burn.   This was the plot laid to ensnare Daniel, who walked so unblameably, that his very enemies gave him this testimony, that he had no fault but his singularity in his religion, Dan. 6: 5.   It is a great honour to a Christian, yea, to religion itself, when all their enemies can say is, They are precise, and will not do as we do.   Now in such a case as this, when the Christian must turn or burn, leave praying, or become a prey to the cruel teeth of bloody men; how many politic retreats and self-preserving distinctions would a cowardly unresolved heart invent?   The Christian that hath so great opposition had need be well locked into the saddle of his profession."
William Gurnall, . The Christian in Complete Armour

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